5 Questions to Ask Yourself on the First Day of Spring

This post is inspired by Alexandra Franzen at alexandrafranzen.com

I’ve just returned from a three-and-a-half-month trip through Central America. The experience was incredible in many ways, particularly because it was such a learning process and confidence builder.

One of the things I learned is that there is no perfect life. Travelling endlessly without an agenda might seem like the dream, but like anything, there can still be improvements.

I believe that small positive improvements in our lives can lead to a slight increase in happiness, or at least contentment.

With that in mind, during this spring equinox, here are some questions to consider. My own answers are below.

1. What are you fed up with?
2. What do you want more of?
3. What are you willing to let go of?
4. What would calm your spirit?
5. What are you committed to?

Here are my answers:

1. I am fed up with listening to my incessant inner monologue about the past and the future.

2. What I want more of: enjoying the present moment; spending more time with those I care about; having more awesome experiences.

3. I can let go of the mistakes I’ve made in the past. Not only can I do it, I want to do it.

4. Practicing meditation would help calm my spirit.

5. I am committed to meditating daily for the next three months; connecting regularly with friends in person, by phone, and through Facebook; and stopping to enjoy the moment when I find my mind wandering too much to the past or future.

Please give these questions a try. You might glean some insights that contribute to a happier, more content life. Share with your friends if you like, or simply keep your answers to yourself.

Good luck.

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