77 Reasons Why I Travel and Why Travel Might Be Just the Thing for You Too

I have been travelling full-time now for nearly six months and only recently asked myself the question, “Why am I doing this?”  I mean, really, what’s all this travel business about anyway?  And if I don’t have a good reason to travel, then why travel at all?

I have a fabulously good friend who has no real desire to travel.  Oh, she’ll travel a few hundred kilometers to meet with friends, but she’s not particularly keen on seeing new scenery or to check some random travel item off her bucket list.  It’s not that she isn’t curious about the world (she reads widely, so she certainly is), she’s just happy being in her community.  She lives a happy life, full of friends, productivity, time in nature, and learning.

She makes it sound so damn delightful.

And the truth is, almost everything we need and want can be found locally.  So why travel?

For some of us, we are genetically predisposed to wanting to travel.  Some aren’t.  And there are those in the middle somewhere, people who have gone for all-inclusive trips to Mexico or Cuba, for example, who have had a taste of being a tourist, but who might be wondering what traveling outside the tourist meccas might actually do for them.

Here’s what I came up with.  This list has quite a few redundant themes in it, but sometimes saying things in a different way reinforces the concepts.  There was enough on this list to make me realize that, although a life of full-time travel is not a perfect life,  I don’t have be in a hurry to settle down anywhere.

Not just yet, anyway.

And while some of the things on this list can be experienced at home, they seem to become more acute on the road, probably because we don’t have the nearness of our homes to run to when the going gets tough or uncomfortable.

So……..here’s why I travel and why it might be the right thing for you too:

1. The challenge leads to personal growth
2. To explore things I can’t explore at home
3. To support life-long learning
4. To experience things that are different from my past experiences
5. To become more tolerant
6. To become more humble
7. To become more patient
8. To get things checked off a bucket list (well, you know…)
9. To experience the feeling of freedom
10. For fun
11. To meet new friends
12. To experience new cultures
13. To try new foods
14. To watch other people (but not creepy, like)
15. To challenge the conditioning I have received from others about a place or its people
16. To renew my spirit
17. To become energized
18. To get out of my comfort zone
19. To avoid complacency
20. To overcome boredom
21. To have a better appreciation for my home country
22. To satisfy my adventurous spirit
23. To develop my sense of identity
24. For inspiration
25. To get a sense of my place in history
26. To get a sense of my place in my community
27. To learn a new language
28. To perpetuate my status and image as a traveller (sad, but true…did I mention I’m working on humility?)
29. To get lost and let my mind wander
30. For rejuvenation
31. To stretch my problem-solving muscles
32. To develop new skills or practice old ones
33. To build my list of personal stories
34. For the sense of accomplishment (for example, hiking the Bruce Trail)
35. I have an activated DRD4-7R gene (20% of the population carry this gene – predisposed to risk-taking and exploring new places)
36. To search for a better place to live
37. To build things
38. To create – ideas and things
39. To avoid the lure of the couch and the television
40. To become more respectful and empathetic
41. To see things in nature I can’t see at home
42. To explore the limits of my discomfort
43. To stay mentally and physically fit
44. To bring calm to my life
45. To take a break from the people close to me
46. To test the limits of my capabilities
47. To learn to go with the flow
48. To become more humanistic
49. To sharpen my senses
50. To decondition myself
51. To become more mindful
52. Because I am fortunate to be able to do so (it’s a gift)
53. To discover myself
54. To slow down
55. To live with less
56. To appreciate the little things more
57. To feel more alive
58. To reinvent myself
59. To escape the debris of my past
60. To become a better version of myself
61. To become more creative
62. To create my own stories
63. To be a witness to the world
64. To live a dream
65. To introspect
66. For the memories
67. To become less selfish
68. To satisfy my curiosity
69. To search for my tribe
70. To find out something about myself I didn’t know yet
71. For solitude
72. To be rendered speechless by the beauty of nature
73. To subvert my routine
74. To have more first experiences
75. To explore my independence
76. To become more comfortable accepting help from others
77. To provide context from my regular life

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