A Morning Walk in Osoyoos, BC

I’m down in the Southern Okanagan for a few days, soaking up some of its famous sun and exploring Canada’s only desert.

One of my challenges is that I wake up very early in the morning, usually around 5 am. And it’s especially so now because the sun rises here in Osoyoos well before 5 am at this time of the year.

Osoyoos - Morning Walk 3

Early morning at Osoyoos Lake

So with the morning sun coaxing me awake, I put on my sandals and went for a walk along Osoyoos Lake – a lake within a desert.

Sans coffee, I might add.

I used the map below from the Official Osoyoos Visitor Guide 2016. I love its colour and simplicity.
Starting from the boat launch just south of Lion’s Park, where there was plenty of parking in the early morning, I followed the green hiking trail south through Gyro Park, across the Pioneer Walkway, past Goodman Park, along Lakeshore Drive to Osoyoos Lake Regional Park, and then returned the same way.

Osoyoos - Morning Walk 2

Partial map of Osoyoos, BC

I wouldn’t recommend starting from the other end because there is very little in the way of parking along Lakeshore Drive. And truthfully, the most scenic part of the walk is between the boat launch and the end of the Pioneer Walkway. After that, it becomes very residential with several private beaches blocking access to some great views.

The total length of the walk out and back was about six kilometers, so an hour for a fast walker and 90 minutes for a stroll.

If you are in the area and up for the walk, I recommend you do it in the morning or late evening, when the temperatures are a bit more reasonable for your light workout.

Happy walking!

Osoyoos - Morning Walk 10

An early-morning workout in Gyro Park for some locals.


Osoyoos - Morning Walk 9

A fisherman at the bridge over the Narrows.


Osoyoos - Morning Walk 8

The Pioneer Walkway is filled with gardens.


Osoyoos - Morning Walk 7

Back along the Pioneer Walkway.


Osoyoos - Morning Walk 5

Some feathered friends enjoying the early morning.


Osoyoos - Morning Walk 4

A view of southern Osoyoos Lake from Lakeshore drive.


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