Back at Crimson Lake

There’s a thunderstorm passing over Rocky Mountain House. From my basement suite, I can smell the wet foliage outside the window. Natural perfume.

My first day of the long weekend started well, with coffee and a touch of, ahem, Irish cream, a smoothie for breakfast and off to the gas station to fill up the car. I buy my gas at the Extra gas station because it’s owned by one of my co-workers and her husband. My co-worker often brings me vegetarian Indian dishes and is teaching me how to use spices, such as the Garam masala blend, so I want to support her and her family.

I was about to head out to Crimson Lake, but I wanted to treat myself to something special, because yesterday, I once again became debt free. No car loan, no consumer debt, nothing. Mind you, I’m renting an apartment and do not own a home, but I have a couple of condos that I’m renting out, so I consider the outstanding mortgages on them as investment loans, not personal debts.

I say that I became debt free again because I have been debt free before, but somehow over the last year, my business didn’t generate the income I needed. So I went into the hole a bit.

But now I’m back on track again, and I wanted to celebrate. So I bought a dozen chocolate-covered ju jubes. Mmm, delicious. And sinful.

At Crimson Lake, I walked the 10.5-kilometer Amerada trail. Along the way, I strolled down a couple of side trails. One of them opened up onto a swamp, with, believe it or not, a dock leading out onto the water. I haven’t been able to discern the purpose of this dock; there certainly wouldn’t be any boats out the water, and a hunting platform would be out of the question in a provincial park. Perhaps it is for viewing birds, although I didn’t see any while I was there. Just a multitude of dragonflies.

Dock 8

Hanging out in the swamp

But the way the plastic blocks connected to one another was ingenious. I thought that I might be able to make a minimalist house out of them. My mind is playing with the possibilities even now, he he.

Dock 5

I could make a minimalist house out of these

Whatever the reason for the floating dock, I enjoyed some solitude, with only the sound of the flitting dragonflies. There was nary a mosquito to be found. It was paradise.

A metaphor for life: sometimes the best experiences are found just off the beaten path.


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