Walk Across Canada – Update

Walk Across Canada – Update

Thank you sooooo much, everyone, for your kind words and encouragement.

Following five days of dizziness, which I now know, clinically, is actually light-headedness, I spent the night at the hospital in Medicine Hat. All of my vitals are normal. ECG was ok. Blood tests showed no problems. The only other explanation seems to be a large abscess I’ve had on my body, which has been particularly inflamed these last five days. The abscess was cleaned up by a medical team. I was out for the procedure, thankfully. I love that feeling of drifting off from the anesthetic.

I was released from the hospital mid-morning. I’m on antibiotics for five days.

The ER doctor thought that if the abscess, combined with mild dehydration, is the culprit, I should be able to get back on the trail in a couple of days. We talked about the 60-km/day pace and he thought I should still be ok to maintain it.

When I thought I was going to finish at the end of July, I cockily started making commitments for August. So the idea of slowing right down to, say, a 30- 40-km day won’t allow me to finish before these other commitments start.

To meet those commitments, I would have to finish no later than, say, August 4.

Mama to the rescue.

So my options are to continue and try to make it by August 4, or to leave the remainder of the walk until next year.

I won’t make that decision today.

Today, I’m still a little light-headed, so I will just rest. Tomorrow, we’ll see how I feel and then I’ll make my decision then.

Thank you all again for your support. I love you all.

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